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Quality Assurance
Domestic first-line material supplier, quality is guaranteed
Co-control cost
From the perspective of customers, reasonably control costs
On sale
Executive standard
Leading industry standard specifications
Efficient team
Excellent service team, efficient professional service
After sale
After-sale warranty
Regular return visit, three guarantees service
Dedicated service
24-hour free service hotline
7 days a week, 24 hours a day, not a service, but an attitude.
No matter when and where, Lampu Electric is always ready to provide you with quality service! We are committed to the pursuit of perfection, and with this spirit we continue to attract like-minded people to come, whether it is our employees or our customers.
We constantly exceed the expectations of our customers and are always willing to accept the sense of accomplishment brought about by challenges. The last step of success is even more valuable than the first step.
Sincere and sincere service throughout
Lanpu Electric's customer service system has established a complete organizational structure and customer service intelligent system. Through standardization and implementation, it has established a complete five-star service standard for customers across the country, forming a customer service-centric full service system.
With the work attitude of "service is no small matter, everything is important" and the work style of "quick response, responsible to the end, rational and righteous, beginning and ending", we provide customers with "comprehensive, fast, professional, thoughtful and convenient" services Your dedication and enthusiasm in exchange for your peace of mind and happiness.