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LP-S(D)BW Fully automatic compensating power regulator

LP-S(D)BW series single and three-phase fully automatic compensating power regulators are designed and manufactured using international advanced compensation technology. When the grid voltage fluctuates or the load current changes, the output voltage can be automatically kept stable to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment.

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Scope Of Application
  • t is suitable for small factories and the whole factory, large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprise workshops, departmental power supply, and can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, hotels, scientific research and other departments for precision machine tools, precision instruments, test devices, The voltage stabilization of elevators, imported electromechanical equipment and production line equipment is also suitable for users at the end of low-voltage power grids with low power supply voltage and large fluctuations.

Model Definition Specification
Main Parameters
  • Model

    LP-SBW-20KVA~l 000KVA (Three phase)

    LP-DBW-10KVA~100KVA (单相)

    Input voltage range



    The output voltage



    Stabilization accuracy


    Insulation resistance


    Withstand voltage

    2000Vlmin No breakdown or flashover

    1500Vlmin No breakdown or flashover



    Response time

    ≤1.5S (when the input voltage changes l0%)



    Wave distortion

    No additional waveform distortion

    Ambient temperature


    Relative humidity


    Protective function

    With overvoltage, overcurrent, phase loss, phase sequence protection (single-phase and three-phase below 150KVA, no phase loss and phase sequence protection) and mechanical failure

    Mains function

    Three-phase product mains and voltage stabilization are convenient to switch (single-phase does not have this function)

    Way of working

    Long-term, continuous unattended work

    Start method

    Automatic start or manual start can be selected after power-on

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