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LSD Three-phase intelligent servo transformer (power supply)

Aiming at the problem of voltage mismatch between my country’s National Grid and imported servo controllers and servo motors from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, this product has specially designed and developed the ultra-small LSD series of new-generation three-phase intelligent servo transformers (power supplies).

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Performance Characteristics

1. Intelligent type (varies as needed): automatically adjusts according to the current required by the servo system, and the output current is not affected by the fluctuation of the grid voltage, enabling the servo motor to exert better performance, integrating flexibility and intelligence;
2. Beautiful and exquisite appearance, convenient and flexible installation: adopts aluminum alloy shell, exquisite appearance, small size and can be installed at will, and the installation method has been standardized;
3. Safe and reliable: All imported high-quality modular power devices are used, there is no repair rate, and the service life is more than 20 years;
4. Fit to the environment in China: 300% to 500% overload capacity, can work continuously for a long time, allow wide voltage fluctuation range, can effectively suppress line-to-line, line-to-ground interference, and withstand harsh use Environment, the surrounding air temperature is -45°C to +68°C, and the altitude of leather clothing can reach 4500m;
5. Low price: cheaper than traditional power frequency transformer;
6. Superior performance: high efficiency (99.8%), high voltage stabilization, no interference, low heat generation, low power consumption, and more stable output energy.

Model Definition Specification
Main Parameters
  • Project


    Current mode

    Dynamic tracking

    Output current accuracy

    Within the load range±0.3%

    Power phase number

    Input three-phase four-wire system, output three-phase three-wire

    Voltage parameter

    Input 360-420V output 200-230V

    Environmental protection

    -65°C to+68°C

    Relative humidity


    Insulation class

    B level

    Cool down

    Natural air cooling



Appearance And Installation Size
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