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LBK Series machine tool control transformer

The LBK series machine tool control transformer (hereinafter referred to as the transformer) uses a circuit with a voltage of 50-60HZ to 500V, and is usually used as a power source for machine tool control appliances or local lights and indicators.

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Performance Characteristics

■Ambient air temperature -5°C to +40°C, the average value of 24 hours does not exceed +35°C;

■The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m;

■The relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% when the ambient air temperature is +40°C. It can have a higher relative humidity at a lower temperature. The average maximum humidity of the wettest month is 90%, and the monthly average minimum temperature of the month is +25°C, taking into account the condensation on the product surface due to temperature changes.

Model Definition Specification
Shape And Installation Dimensions
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