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LPEI Power Transformers
Product model: LPEI-□ (capacity VA)-□ (voltage V)
Scope of application:

1. DVD player, multimedia audio, TV;
2. Small chargers, mahjong machines, beauty salon equipment, instrumentation equipment;
3. Small power supplies for stage lighting equipment, lighting control lines, automation equipment control lines, mechanical control lines, energy-saving equipment control lines, etc.

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Use Environment

The ambient air temperature is -30℃ to +40℃, and the average value of 24 hours does not exceed +35℃; when it exceeds +40℃, the load capacity of the transformer decreases, and when it is below 0℃, the load capacity of the transformer increases, and the load power can be slightly The rated power is exceeded.

The low temperature environment of -30°C does not affect the normal start-up and normal operation of the toroidal transformer. Good low-temperature characteristics are the advantages of the toroidal transformer.

The toroidal transformer currently has no requirements on the altitude of the installation location. The surrounding air humidity is recommended to not exceed 90%, and the monthly average humidity is recommended to not exceed 75%. In a high humidity environment, it is recommended to use a waterproof toroidal transformer. The protection grade of Shengyuan waterproof transformer reaches IP67, and it can still work for a long time when immersed in water.
Installation and accessories

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