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LDZ single-phase, LSZ three-phase DC power supply

LDZ and LSZ DC power supplies are novel and compact power wells newly developed by our company. They have obtained national patents. They have the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small ripple, low power consumption

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Performance Characteristics
  • ■Products comply with IEC standards;

    ■Rated input voltage with ±5% tap;

    ■Large capacitor filter, ripple coefficient<5%;

    ■Fast fuse protection;

    ■Transformer and rectifier power supply are integrated, compact structure, beautiful appearance; iron core adopts gas-shielded chlorine arc welding process, no gap, no noise, low loss, built-in varistor for overvoltage protection;

    ■The protection is up to IP20, which can effectively meet the needs of touch protection。

Model definition specification
Main Parameters
  • Project


    Input voltage

    AC220±5% , AC380±5%

    Rated output voltage

    DC24V 2A , 5A , 10A , 20A

    Rated load output voltage




    Ripple factor

    <5% ( LSZType Yi% )

    Power frequency withstand voltage

    Iron core-input room:AC2500V1min Iron core-output room:AC1000V1min

    Ambient temperature


Appearance And Installation Size
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LDZ single-phase, LSZ three-phase DC power supply