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New and old customers and friends (statement)

  Jinan Lanpuele Electric Co., Ltd. is an independent legal-person joint-stock enterprise with independent production, research and development and sales. It mainly produces various machine tool control transformers and three-phase servo transformers (official website www.lanpuele.com). The company’s best-selling product models are LBK5 series and LSG series. In response to the malicious slander and malicious misunderstanding of competitors in the current market, our company once again solemnly stated the product model.

    Our company's trademark has been registered by the National Trademark Office and obtained a registered trademark registration certificate. It is a legal trademark; at the same time, the mother "L" of the first abbreviation of the trademark is used in all the company's product codes, so that customers can recognize our products.

"L"---refers to the abbreviation of our company's trademark, which is the abbreviation code of our company "Lampu Electric", and is used for the first letter of the product model, such as "LSG-2KVA 380V/220V" and so on;

"D"---refers to single-phase "S"---refers to three-phase "Z"---refers to rectifier The number and letter codes in the product model are detailed in the company's "Product Selection Manual".

All transformers of our company are manufactured and tested in accordance with national standards. The product quality assurance is implemented in accordance with the quality assurance commitments on the official website. Please rest assured that customers and new and old friends use it.

     Hereby explain.

                             Jinan Lampu Electric Co., Ltd.

                                 July 2014