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The general manager accepted an exclusive interview with Conghui.com

Enlightenment of small and micro electric enterprises:

The Voice of Small and Micro Enterprises of Transformer


At 09:09 on March 13, 2013 HC Network Drive Author: Julia Ling Yan

Shandong is the hometown of Confucius and the birthplace of my country's etiquette. At the same time, Shandong is also one of my country's important electrical industry bases, with a large number of well-operated local production and operating companies.

Local small and micro enterprises based in Jinan

The Jinan Lampu Electric that the author visited this time is an authentic Shandong enterprise. Lanpu Electric's production base is located in Jinan, and Lanpu Electric has set its goal to be based in Jinan. According to general manager Mao Kaisu of Lanpu Electric, the company established a factory in 2008 with an initial capital investment of 1.5 million, focusing on CNC machine tool transformers and servo transformers, DC power supplies and other related industrial products. The market positioning is high-end products. . Lanpu Electric is determined to provide customers with the best service, the most favorable price, and create greater profits and value for customers. The company also regards this as its basic creed and foothold.

Lampu transformers are mainly used in various application industries such as CNC machine tools, fine machine tools, engraving machine systems, industrial automation, robots, etc. The products cover a wide range. "If we calculate by output value, we should be regarded as small and micro enterprises in electrical enterprises. The annual sales are about 50 million yuan, mainly relying on the geographical relationship of Shandong, most of which are supported by brother companies," said Chairman Mao.

In this interview, President Mao specifically explained to us three groups of different types of products, which can be regarded as the main products of the company, including the DC transformer that has just obtained a national patent, which can directly convert AC to DC, which is DC control, DC Relay applications provide customers with more choices; in addition, there are high-protection transformers. In addition to greatly improving the protection of the product, the appearance, volume and internal structure of the product are improved to completely liberate the product from the traditional control cabinet. It is easier for external installation and mobile use, which is more convenient for the improvement of product efficiency. In addition, President Mao emphasized on the third group of products, which is a group of high-efficiency products developed with foreign advanced technology. According to President Mao, China The basic efficiency of domestic general-purpose transformers is about 80%-90%, and this product has improved the use efficiency to 95% through material improvement, industrial mechanism improvement and technological innovation, so that for users, the input production cost structure is all There is a small drop to help save production costs.

The improvement of transformer product efficiency is the subject of the entire industry chain

At present, according to investigations by external research institutions, domestic traditional transformers have overcapacity. At present, the state has included energy-saving transformers into the scope of financial subsidy promotion, and has begun to encourage the development of energy-saving and intelligent transformer products. In addition, the state has introduced The implementation rules of related transformers also promote the replacement of old transformers and at the same time stimulate a new batch of user needs. These are undoubtedly positive factors for transformer manufacturers, and at the same time promote transformer companies' continuous research and attempts to improve efficiency.

At present, the promotion and application of servo products make the transformer that acts as the connection medium of the power system play an important role, and how to improve the efficiency of production capacity utilization of transformers is a common issue for manufacturers in the industry. At present, under the situation that structural energy saving is slow, The use of technical means to improve energy efficiency has become an important support point for promoting energy conservation at this stage. The country now advocates conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency and low carbon, and the transformer industry is also actively making improvements, including many attempts in technology, product appearance, volume, and materials, but in addition, the realization of high efficiency transformers also requires related supporting manufacturers The strong support and continuous follow-up of upstream companies is not just a matter for transformer manufacturers, but also a product that requires the overall industrial chain to work together to improve energy efficiency.

"Compared with the applications in the 1970s and 1980s, we have made a lot of improvements. To use an image metaphor, we used to ride bicycles, but now we have gotten in cars." Chairman Mao said with a smile, "We It is to persist in doing what we want to do, follow the trend of the industry, and let our products have greater value contribution."

2013 is an important year in my country's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", and it is also a year that connects the past and the future. The transformer industry has huge market demand and potential, and ushered in unprecedented opportunities during rapid development. However, as a manufacturing company, it should continue to extend to the upstream and downstream of the transformer industry, starting with product differentiation to create characteristic services, and it should begin to move towards integrated service providers and solution providers. "You must persist in the economic downturn, and you cannot be proud of the economic peak. The economy needs constant balanced development and constant adjustment. I personally optimistic about the development prospects of 2013. Judging from the current state of the company's order acceptance, it is very good. Very optimistic."