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Elevator special voltage regulator

Overview of DBW, SBW series single and three-phase fully automatic compensating power regulators

This product is an energy-saving product developed by our company to stabilize AC voltage based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology and the current situation of my country's power supply. The voltage stabilizer is composed of compensation circuit, voltage detection, servo motor control circuit deceleration transmission mechanism, switching equipment and its operating circuit, current and voltage measurement and protection circuit. Among them, the compensation circuit, voltage detection, servo motor control and deceleration transmission mechanism constitute an output voltage automatic compensation system, which can automatically maintain the output voltage stability when the voltage of the distribution network fluctuates or the load changes. This series of products combines the advantages of traditional electronic AC, inductive and magnetic saturation regulators, overcomes the shortcomings of traditional regulators such as small capacity, large loss, and large waveform distortion, and has large capacity, high efficiency, and no waveform. Distortion, stable voltage regulation, easy use and maintenance, and reliable operation. It can be widely used in CNC equipment, robots, import and export equipment, production lines, precision machine tools, computer tomography (CT), precision instruments, test equipment, construction sites, schools, elevator lighting, hospitals, post and telecommunications, hotels, scientific research and other departments In places where the power supply voltage is stable, such as electronic computers, oil fields and railways. It is also suitable for users at the end of the low-voltage distribution network where the power supply voltage is too low or too high, and the fluctuation range is large, and the electrical equipment with large load fluctuations.

Product features

●Simple operation, with automatic and manual power transmission function ●Single machine power capacity can reach more than 2000KVA

●Strong load adaptability, can work stably under various complex conditions

●The output waveform is stable without distortion and the additional distortion is less than 1% ●The operation is stable, and the load regulation rate and grid regulation rate can be lower than 2%