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About Lampe Electric
Jinan Lanpu Electric Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing and sales. It is a director-level unit of Shandong Machine Tool General Machinery Industry Association. The company is located in the beautiful spring city of Jinan. It is an independent joint-stock legal person. It specializes in the production of various three-phase dry, control transformers, and reactors for CNC machine tools, forging and casting machinery, processing centers, printing machinery, elevator manufacturing, textile machinery, packaging machinery, and food Machinery, locomotive manufacturing, construction machinery, as well as various machinery and other automatic control equipment. The products are sold at home and abroad, and won the recognition and trust of customers. The company has advanced and complete production and testing equipment, exquisite workmanship, a production area of 3000 square meters, and all products have passed CE certification. Lanpu Electric has always adhered to "Seek development by science and technology, and benefit by quality". "Integrity-based, technological innovation, and high-quality enterprises" are the business rules of Lanpu Electric. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices, A good after-sales service!
Vorporate Vision

We concentrate on the application research of transformers and voltages, deeply understand customer expectations, and achieve customer goals with our voltage solutions, thereby establishing a “leader with core competitiveness” brand image in our customers’ hearts. When customer needs change day by day, we are also ready to meet the challenges brought about by the change. With our high quality and unique quality assurance system in the industry, we set a benchmark in the field of CNC and automation. Boost industry innovation, we work with you to achieve this ambitious goal.

Our vision Through the continuous independent research and development and innovation of the core brand Lampe, we have been committed to providing customers in the industry with complete automation control and servo required different voltages and various specifications of transformers with different protection requirements; and able to meet the needs of specific models Solutions that include a variety of value-added products can bring customers an unparalleled competitive advantage. Our role in the industry is not only an expert in the field of transformers, we help customers realize the conversion between different voltages, show their extraordinary creativity and goals, and then enhance their competitiveness and maximize their value.

Looking to the future, from a higher starting point, development is the company’s top priority. The faster the car, the harder it is to drive; the higher the mountain, the harder it is to climb. We cannot accurately predict the future, but we can work hard for the future of the company step by step. The company wants to grow linearly by value, which is a process of continuous preparation, continuous adaptation, and continuous adjustment. The most difficult mountain to climb is actually myself. We will bravely accept the challenge and achieve the company’s grand goal. Progress means never stopping! All employees will do their best to provide our customers with more valuable products and services, and take a new journey with the dream of excellence.

Office Environment
Development Path
Lampe Electric established
Products have passed CE certification
Own intellectual property trademark
Developed and obtained multiple patents
The construction of the new factory area started and the right to export was granted
Became the governing unit of Shandong Machinery Association
The new plant was put into use, and all products of the series obtained CE certification